Markham Family Lawyers At Markham Family Lawyers, we assist clients with family related issues including: custody and access, separation agreements, child and spousal support, division of family property, paternity disputes, and enforcement of court orders. We offer Collaborative Practice, negotiation and settlement of family law disputes. If a fair and reasonable settlement cannot be achieved we prepare and argue motions and trials. Our goal is to solve your legal problem as efficiently as possible and at a reasonable cost. We value your satisfaction and confidence.

Divorce and Separation

Some marriages can end suddenly while others go through trial separation and some just fall apart over a long period of time. No matter what the cause, if your marriage fails, you are likely to feel a whole range of intense emotions over the many decisions you must make. The Family Law Firm - "Markham Family Lawyers" - will help guide you through these uncertain times.

Focusing on moving forward

How you choose to handle a separation is very important because of the effect it will have on the rest of your life. Making well informed decisions requires assistance from well experienced family lawyers. Our family lawyers have the proven track record for getting the best agreements possible for our clients and focusing on moving forward - Try to look at the separation as an opportunity to re-examine your abilities, your assets and your dreams, and to make the changes necessary for a new, full and rewarding life.

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